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In Argentina, on the 10th of November every year, Tradition Day is celebrated. This day is in homage to Jose Hernandez, a poet and the author of the "Martin Fierro" (an ode to gauchos). During the Tradition Day festival in El Calafate, which was held on November 15th in the year of 2008, gauchos from all over the Southern Patagonian area gathered to show off their proud heritage. The Doma de Potros, a competition where the riders try to stay mounted bareback on an unbroken stallion, was one of the highlights of the festival in El Calafate, along with an exhibition of traditional dances. The people shown here happily posed for their photos. I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to capture these images on my last night in Southern Patagonia. Meeting these proud people was the perfect counterpoint to an amazing 2 1/2 weeks of photography in their land.