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]]> (Barbara Lee Photography) Sun, 12 Jul 2015 11:00:05 GMT On Our Way! Tracy and I have been planning our month long excursion to New Zealand for some time now.  We will be leaving on Saturday!  We fly to Aukland, on the North Island, and will spend a week exploring in a rental car before crossing to the South Island on the ferry from Wellington.  Ater taking a train ride to Christchurch, we will be picking up this campervan from Wilderness Campervans.  And then the real adventure will begin!  We will be taking our campervan on a three week road trip around the South Island, exploring many of New Zealand's gorgeous natural treasures.

Along the way, I hope to keep this blog up to date with stories about our journey and a few photos.  I will try to post links to the blog to my Facebook pages.  For those special friends who do not visit Facebook, I'll send you links to the blog postings when I get them up.  I'll try not to be too wordy, and hopefully, I can do some quick photo edits of the day's shots and include a few pics along with the narrative.

So stay tuned and ride along with us!  New adventures are just around the corner!



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